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Specialising in superannuation advice and retirement planning (including Guaranteed Annuities, Pensions and Aged Care). We take the time to ask what is important to you. Financial freedom involves having goals and knowing the needs and objectives necessary to attain those goals.


Wealth creation offers security and greater life choice. Knowledge about your investments and understanding how your investments are working offer peace of mind about your investment structure.

Here at Forde Financial Planning, we advise on Superannuation, Retirement Planning, Wealth Creation and Personal Insurance Protection (i.e. life/income protection). Let us plan your future with you.

Lee Forde

Financial Planner

Lee is the founder of Forde Financial Planning in 2005 and is a Financial Planner with 30 years experience in the Financial Services Industry. He is also a member of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals (AIOFP). Lee is the senior adviser in the Altona Meadows and Derrimut offices. Lee provides financial advice in all areas of financial planning including pre-retirement and retirement planning, superannuation planning, investment advice, estate planning and personal insurance.

What is Super?

Superannuation is a tax-effective means of saving for retirement by investing money during your working life.

Contributions to your super are made regularly by your employer and topped-up where possible with voluntary personal contributions.

The contributions received by your super fund are then pooled with the contributions of all the other members of the fund and invested in a variety of different sectors such as property, cash, fixed interest, Australian equities, international equities and so on, depending on your choice.

Super can:

  • assist you with long term savings
  • help provide you with a financially comfortable and secure retirement
  • give you access to favourable tax treatment of super contributions and benefits, and
  • give you access to insurance offered by your super provider and the associated tax savings and benefits.

Super is about helping you achieve the type of lifestyle you want in retirement.

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Investor Profiles

Investors come from all walks of life and income groups, including graduates, shift-workers, parents and retirees.

In years gone by, investing outside the property market was seen as a remote and expensive process, largely out of reach to all but the wealthy and well connected.

Today with the advent of online trading and mandatory superannuation, investing is not only more accessible that ever before, it is also an unavoidable reality for all working Australians.

With such a variety of investors it is important to distinguish between the different attitudes and needs of different investors and how such traits might affect investment choices.

Knowing what sort of investor you are before you invest, will go a long way to help you reach your financial goals in the most comfortable and effective manner.

The aggressive investor generally:

  • has a good understanding of financial markets
  • is comfortable with taking risks with their investments
  • is not concerned about short-term volatility (fluctuation in returns), and
  • tends to be younger and/or invests for the longer-term (5+ years).

The moderate investor generally:

  • has a reasonable understanding of financial markets
  • seeks a broad, diverse investment portfolio
  • prefers to avoid volatility but can accept moderate risk
  • seeks both income and capital growth (increase in their initial investment over time), and
  • invests for the medium to long term.

The conservative investor generally:

  • is uncomfortable with market volatility
  • requires regular income with limited capital growth
  • seeks to protect their investment value from the effects of inflation
  • has basic investment knowledge, and
  • has a shorter investment horizon.

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